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Humboldt Rifle & Pistol Club

Indoor Range - 13 8th Street South     *****     Outdoor range - 1941 215th Street

Supporting The Shooting Sports in Humboldt, Iowa Since 1958.
Affiliated with NRA and CMP and promoting a safe shooting environment
for our members and youth.


Outdoor Range is CLOSED for the season!


Two Rivers Indoor Rifle League Underway

Most matches are Monday or Tuesday evening through December. 
Check the calendar to see if the match is home or away.


Next regular club meeting
Thursday, December 13 at 7:30 pm


Hunter's League Starts in November!
Shooting starts at 6 pm each Thursday.

We will shoot Thursday nights in November, skipping Thanksgiving.
This brief league is for EVERYBODY!  You don't have to be a member to shoot our paper pests.
Bring a friend, neighbor, spouse, kids or relatives. 
You can shoot .22 rifles or handgun, iron sights, scope, or dot.
We start shooting at 6 pm, and it's "come and go". Shoot your targets, offer excuses for your scores, go home to drown your sorrows.  IT'S FUN!


Bullseye Postal League Forming NOW

This is a great way to warm up for Two Rivers Bullseye Pistol League which will begin early 2019!
Postal league means that you shoot your targets, on your schedule, and then submit them by dropping them in the mail.  More information HERE.
Contact Doug Bacon to get involved.


Action Pistol Match Saturday, Dec. 2

This event will include drawing your pistol from a proper holster and firing from different distances, all while under the clock.  Click HERE for more information.


Watch the Club Calendar!

We want everybody to enjoy our facilities, and we all need to work together to utilize range time.
Scheduled events always have priority for range use.
If you want to organize an event, bring your idea to a club meeting so we can discuss and get it scheduled.


NRA dues required for club membership

You can renew through the club. It's cheaper than through regular channels, just $30/year.
Similar discounts for longer term, including NRA Life Member.
 You save money, plus the club gets a commission!




Check the club calendar 
for scheduled events.
If you want something added to the calendar, email pstorr@ncn.net



See info at these web sites:

NRA Basic Pistol Instruction
Our club has several NRA Certified Pistol Instructors:  Gerry West, Pat Storr, Bill Holden, Jim Mertz, Kerri Mertz, Les Bacon, Phil McLaren, Doug Bacon, Kent Stern,  Tim Vought, Chris Brock, Brian Ernst, are all certified to teach NRA Basic Pistol classes
If you know of anyone interested in taking a class, contact one of the instructors.

2018 Officers:   
Jerod Hatcher - President
Justin Kirchoff 
- Vice president
Secretary - Jim Mertz

Treasurer - Gerry West

Chief Range Safety Officer - Bill Holden

WEB SITE SUGGESTIONS?   If you see any corrections or want anything added, please email pstorr@ncn.net.